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Our Services

We provide IT & Business solutions

Diverse team of skilled professionals in Mari Works provide services in technology and business that will help you grow your business


Marketing Strategy

We crafted a marketing strategy for your business by understanding the value of your brand and your target market. The right strategy will give you a better understanding of how your business could grow better.


Infrastructure Plan

Set up right operational model with optimal resources, processes, structures for a modern architecture


Conversational A.I

Improve seamless, relevant, and personalized customer experience in your business with AI and Machine Learning (ML).

Design Services

UI/UX Design

Functional and eye-pleased design will ensure that your user experience is on top of the game. We are experienced in revamping or creating your platform’s design from scratch.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started

Wappin Logo

Speaking with multiple customers simultaneously, transferring conversations, everything can be done with Wappin.


Artificial Intelligence

NLP that focus on business contextual, to help business effectively handle a massive user initiated message volume smartly and seamlessly transferred to human agent


Push Message

Select you’re your targeted customer using labels to notify about Stock Update, New Products, and any related Information to maintain your customer relationss.


Chat Commerce

Facilitate your customer with a better chat commerce experience, from chat, see catalogue and do transaction using our chat commerce platform.


All in One Platform

Perform an enterprise scale of WhatsApp Messaging and others channel



Connect all customer inquiry from various channel into unified CS room

Discover Our Company

We Help IT Companies Scale Engineering Capacity

The cloud scaling perfectly fit in this era where business demands a very dinamic support from IT department. It is also very possible for tallent to be scale up by partnership with Mari Works Solution.

Work Process

How we enable your company
to be successful

Enabling a company’s development with digital transformation is not an instant process. We take the step back and learn to find the solution for your company through this process.

Choose a Service

First, look and choose services that you need for your business.

Request a Meeting

Schedule a meeting with our expert and professional team. We will then discuss deeper about your business and how we can help you.

Receive Custom Plan

After analysing your needs and business. We will give you the custom plan that will fit and become the best solution for you.

Let’s Make it Happen

Now, we finally reach the exciting part, build the right digital transformation for your company


We guarantee a high quality IT Agency Services

Mari Works composed of high quality expertise in their field. We gather professional in development, marketing, and design to be the enabler of your company's digital transformation


Design Project Explorations

We have worked with notable companies locally and internationally. In this part you will find how we provided services to our clients.

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